Галерея современного искусства Sculpio

Галерея современного искусства Sculpio

Русский текст подготовлен.

In the sales gallery of modern and contemporary art Sculpio you can buy sculptures and paintings from the Czech and Slovak art of this century.

Outdoor and indoor sculpture, paintings, design, residential architecture, all you can enrich the interior or exterior. Gallery offers unique details and overall solutions.

"Sculpio" introduces talented young artists and experienced artists. Without prejudice and no matter how famous the name of their work adorns. The aim of gallery is to offer works that have succumbed to fashion trends, or that are still hidden behind the walls of studios.

In case you are an author interested, you can arrange to get familiar with his other work. Possibility to create custom artwork.

All individual works and the overall solutions are always original and never repeated.

So relax and enter into a diverse gallery space "Sculpio".

Let's see paintings, sculputures or other.